Advanced Vocational Training Scheme(AVTS)



1. Metrology & Engineering Inspection:

Familiarization with the precision Measuring Instrument like vernier caliper, Micrometer & Vernier micrometer, Vernier height gauge, Depth gauge, Dial test indicator, Vernier bevel protractor etc. Limit Fit & Tolerance, Calibration.

2. Inspection & Quality Control: 

Concept of inspection & quality control, objective of inspection & quality control, Measures & analysis of frequency Distribution control charts, Control charts for variable and attributes. Theory of probability, Acceptance Sampling & related terminologies, use of different sampling plans (viz. single, double and multiple), Operating Characteristic, Curve, Average Outgoing Quality Limit, Total Quality & ISO-9000.

3. Skill Development in Machining Process: 

Familiarization with the conventional machines - Lathe, Shaping, Milling. Different types of single & multi point cutting tools, Precision measuring instruments, Gauges, Limits, Fits & Tolerances, Cutting speeds, Feed, Depth of cut, Milling methods, Taper turning methods, Different types of Indexing, Gear elements, Jigs and Fixtures. Introduction to CNC machine.

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